Why waste prevention?

Re-using something is better than recycling it or throwing it away. It takes energy, time and  money to turn an old object and into something new. It is much better if we use and reuse things we already have.

  • Let’s value things more and waste less.
  • Let’s pass things on. Your old stuff is somebody else’s treasure.
  • Let's give old things a new lease of life by repairing or repurposing

We only have one Earth. The way we live consumes more than our planet can provide.

We make and buy and then throw away things we don’t need. We waste the materials that go into things, and the waste pollutes our world.


Pollution is the rubbish we see, like plastic bags littering the countryside and harming wildlife. And it’s the greenhouse gases that are released when we burn oil, gas and coal. Greenhouse gases cause global warming and climate change.

We are borrowing from the future. And we can never pay it back.


If we consume less we can protect our children and grandchildren. And we save the money we’d spend on disposing of our waste.

It is time to live more sustainably and more intelligently.

  • Caring for future generations.
  • Safeguarding all life on earth.
  • We can change. Together we can create a better future for everyone.

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