How to get involved


There are so many ways to get involved in the Great Waste. 

  • You can join one of the events that are already running. Have a look at the What's going on section to find out about  drop in workshops, swap & swish, stuff or happiness talks and so much more
  • Organise a Re:workshop for your group or organisation
  • Invite people over for a Leftover lunch and have fun reducing food waste
  • Run your own Swap & Swish and share things in your community.

Running a Great Waste event

We want as many people as possible to get involved and start reducing waste in the Winchester District. If you have a waste related event that  is running in Winchester, get in touch and we can help. It would be great if we could put it all under the Great Waste banner.

Running a Great Waste event

Get some ideas about Great Waste events you can run 



Saving energy

Waste less energy at home and make a big difference



Cool communities

Find out how you can go beyond recycling and reduce your carbon footprint


Get social with us.

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