Black and Green Bins


What happens to our black bin waste-does it all go to landfill?




How does the recycling get sorted when it's all mixed up in our recycling bin?





Doesn't stuff put into recycling just get burnt anyway?



So what do the firms that take the recyling do with it?




Why can't we put all plastic in our green bins?





Why do I need to take off plastic bottle tops?


All black bin waste is turned into electricity at Energy From Waste Plants in Hampshire.




The 'MURF' (Material Recycling Facility) separates it using a mix of clever machinery and human effort. Then the diferent materials are baled and sent for re-processing.


No, this is a myth. All recycling materials collected in Hampshire are sent to sustainable markets.


Usually, the material is returned to its original state and then re-manufactured into new things. This is called 'closed-loop' recycling.


Not all plastics are recyclable. The Council can do nothing with plastics that no-one wants to buy and reuse. There is no point collecting plastics which end up being disposed of instead of being recycled.


Because the bottle and cap are made of different types of plastic.

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