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Why is Winchester City Council removing the charity clothing bins?




Why don't you collect food cartons-even at the 'bring sites'?



Can we have free composters or wormeries?





Why doesn't Winchester City Council collect food waste at the recycling sites?





Why doesn't Winchester City Council collect food waste? Eastleigh does!





What is The Great Waste?


All profits from the new textile bins go to good causes, including the charities which used to have bins. And the Council is adding new textile recycling sites.


This is not cost effective so instead they are included in the black bins and used to generate energy from waste.


Sorry, the Council can't provide these for free. Follow these links for where they can be purchased. Or follow this link to see how you can make a composter from waste!



Because the Council can't get enough money from it to cover the cost of collection. Food waste goes into the black bins and is used to generate energy from waste.



The Council can't afford to collect food waste from your home. The Council encourages people to compost at home. 'Love Food Hate Waste' can help you throw less food away.


It is a joint initiative between Winchester City Council and Winchester Action on Climate Change. It aims to reduce waste and increase the levels of recycling in the Winchester District. 


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