After the Event

  • Freeze left-over cream
  • Satsumas and oranges past their best make great marmalade
  • Freeze wine ‘dregs’ in ice cube trays for sauces and gravy
  • Make breadcrumbs from stale bread (these can be frozen in batches)
  • As veg ‘turns’, prep it and freeze it! Save waste and save time!
  • If bread goes stale-create breadcrumbs and freeze-use as a topping for lasagne and pasta bakes.
  • Freeze left over lemon juice in ice cube trays
  • Fruit which is past it’s best can be cooked in a pudding.
  • If your potatoes are about to go out of date….boil them, put them in the fridge, roast them another day.
  • Compost anything you can’t use
  • Use common sense re: ‘sell by’ date

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