Plan Ahead and Save Money

  • Eat less meat!
  • Check portion of rice/pasta and potatoes before cooking to avoid waste
  • Use bags of frozen veg to make sure you use just the amount needed
  • Buy loose fruit and veg as you can buy as much as you need
  • Pick wild fruit, blackberries, elderberries-delicious crumble and champagne
  • Cook just enough rice (approx. 25g per person)
  • Cook for 2-3 days at a time
  • Ignore 2-4-1 offers in supermarkets
  • Invite a neighbour to dinner
  • Make a shopping list
  • Ignore sell by dates
  • Portion up meat in bags and then freeze
  • Write a meal plan
  • Keep your veg in the dark and in straw as it’ll keep longer
  • Buy a slow cooker so you can make meals like curries, chilli etc in advance and freeze them into smaller portions
  • Bulk cook and then freeze portions.
  • ALWAYS write a shopping list.
  • Trade in your large fridge for a smaller one=less food waste
  • Grow your own then take as you need it!
  • Take advantage of seasonal gluts-batch cook and freeze or preserve.
  • Keep bread in the freezer and thaw out as required.
  • Make banana cake with over-ripe bananas
  • Keep ‘food supply journeys’ as short as possible

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