Christmas food

Christmas dinner for six for less than £20

Make a plan and a budget.
Help with budgeting from  Citizens Advice on 03444 111 306 or

Don’t get carried away with your festive food shop.

  • Compare costs online to see what’s cheapest.
  • Seasonal food is usually cheaper – avoid anything flown  in.
  • Swap brand-name goods for supermarket own-brands.
  • Shop close to closing-time for big reductions.
  • Don’t panic.  The shops are only closed for one day. You need not stockpile!   

The above advice comes from It shows you how you can have a Christmas feast from much less moeny than you think. 


When shopping online, try You choose your shopping and then the site shows you how you can save money. It links directly through to all the main supermarkets. 


To reduce the amount of food waste you produce due to over sticking, have a look at LoveFoodHateWaste. There is great advice on planning, budgtting and portion control so that you do not waste any of the lovely food you buy.  

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