Christmas presents

Gift for less than a fiver: Scrabble picture

Scrabble-related goods are trendy but expensive. So make your own Scrabble picture.

  • Buy a picture frame from a charity shop.
  • Arrange scrabble tiles to spell the name of the person you are giving to  crossed with your name or the names of your children
  • Take a photo of it. Print it  and frame the print.  
  • Or if you can use an old scrabble game, stick the letters  directly in the frame. 

This idea come from 50 Festive Fivers competition from the Money Saving Expert website. Check it out to find some excellent ways to spend less than a fiver on presents, including

  • Antique teacup candle
  • Reindeer droppings
  • Fizzy scented bathbombs

Feeling crafty?

Here are some free and low-cost Christmas gifts that you can make from About Money website

Try making things like home made candles, silver cutlery keyrings and Kindle Cosies

Creative ways with wrapping

Did you know that shop bought wrapping paper cannot be recycled becasue of the plastics and foil it contains. 

This year try a different way to wrap presents and surpise and delight your friends and family. 

  • Use fabric or cloth - this is a traditional way used in japan. The cloth is much more versatile than paper and can be used again and again. 
  • Use newspaper or magazines. Either collect the colourful pages from the supplements or decorate the black and white pages with stencils. You can use coloured string ro ribboon to finish off the look. 
  • Collect brown bags when you are shopping and use them to wrap presents. 

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