Workshops you can book for your group

It is great to learn new skills and even better to do it in a friendly lively group. The Great Waste Re:Workshops are designed to get people making and repairing things from potentially wasted resources, learning new skills and having fun.


There are four types of workshops

  1. Skills– Knitting, Sewing, Weaving, Jewellery making and much more

  2. Repairs – for example electrical, bikes, clothing and shoes etc

  3. Upcycling – for example making benches from pallets, light shades from bottles, paper making

  4. Waste challenges – brilliant workshops full of learning, making and competitions.


Here is a menu of workshops to choose from. Send us an enquiry via the contact form about the workshop topics you are interested in and we will ring back to discuss your requirements. 


We are happy to run workshops for adults and children and sometime a mix of both!


Note: Some workshops are free although donations toward volunteers travel expenses are welcome. Other workshops requiring a skilled trainer involve a charge per person and sometimes require a minimum group size.  


Workshop title



Furniture Upcycling


Transform an old & tired looking piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life using a range of up-cycling techniques 


Trash Fashion

Use recycled materials to decorate and upcycle an item of clothing/object of your choice



Make a cushion

Learn to make a simple cushion from scrap materials and embellish the front with your own design


Paper making workshop

Using pre-mixed paper pulp from shredded paper and tissue, make a sheet of hand-pressed paper using a decal and mould. Add detail with dried flowers.



Introduction to wet felting

Using merino wool tops, learn the process of making a piece of felt using the wet felting method.


Get social with us.

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