Are you bored with your stuff and looking for a change? Tempted to chuck it out?

Stop and think! Just because something is old, it doesn’t make it rubbish.


A Swap & Swish is for you.

These events encourage you to give things away so that other people can have them. It is as simple as that. And of course you can pick up something new to you too!


How a Swap & Swish works: 

  1. Bring things you don’t want – clothes, toys, books, accessories etc.
  2. Get a token for the number of things you bring
  3. Take away the same number of things (if you want)
  4. If you want to take more things than you have tokens for, give a small donation to charity.

No fuss – no hassle – no websites – no photos needed – no resale fees

Just sharing

Get social with us.

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